Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Work Stuff

So a couple of weeks ago, Franz did what's called a "line sale" at Safeway. What this means, is we put a bunch of different breads on sale at 2 for $4. I put up a table at my store and had 2 displays with different items on them from the sale. I made sure I had plenty of product for my displays, and made sure my rotation was dead on so I didn't pull out much stale. Last week, my supervisor told me that my Safeway had the BIGGEST dollar increase out of all Safeways in my Sales Manager's (my Supervisor's boss) division. So out of all of the Safeways delivered to by Franz salesmen from the Seattle and Lynwood depots, mine won! I was SO excited! I apparently am going to win a $100 gift card somewhere, and I made some good bonus points with my bosses. Now I've been putting in a lot of hours at work (usually at least 12 a day), and they really want me to get my hours down. But with this, I think God is just blessing my stores and my work, and showing me that if I trust Him and ask Him for His help, my work will be blessed. I just think we have SUCH an AMAZING God that wants to bless us if we ask Him for it! I think He's just showing me that, while I'm working lots of hours, He is in charge of my stores and is working in my stores and my efforts. Not only is my Safeway the big winner, but my Grocery Outlet, M Street Market AND Safeway are ALL up in sales over last year at this time. So since I took over, 3 of my 5 stores are doing BETTER in sales! Only 1 of my stores is down, but it's going through a remodel, and that's my QFC. The QFC down the road is also down in sales as well. It's just awesome to see God work, and if you just pray and ask Him to, He will bless your work 100 times over. Thanks for reading!

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  1. I truly agree that we need to focus on Who really gave us our jobs, home, and ect. But more important is how we use these to glorify God and like you, share what awesome blessings He has given you...thanks for sharing :)
    Kim Geffre