Saturday, December 19, 2009

Top 5 Title Tracks

So I wrote this blog about a month ago. Then it got erased from my computer, so I'm writing it again. I am on my second of my music Top 5 blog entries. This one is fun, because I love title tracks, but they're getting more and more rare as of late. Also, we're watching Christmas Vacation while I'm doing this, making it even more fun :-) So, without further ado, here are my Top 5 Favorite Title Tracks (in no particular order):

“Viva La Vida” – Coldplay from Viva La Vida or Death and All His Friends

I know that technically this isn't a “title track” in it's purest form, as the title of the song isn't EXACTLY the same as the album, but it's such a great song and it's mostly a title track. One of the more brilliantly written Coldplay songs, it's so good and it's so emotionally charged. I love the strings, the percussion, and just how easily the song seems to flow from verse to chorus.

“How To Save A Life” - The Fray from How To Save A Life

I love Isaac Slade and The Fray, and this is by far one of their best songs. Even though it got VERY overplayed and Grey's Anatomy-ized, I love the lyrics and the piano playing. I usually hate songs that get overplayed but this one goes against that sentiment because it's actually good. By the way, is this not one of the best albums ever? It somehow seems to miss my “Top 5 Album” list, but you can't listen to it and not think it to be amazing.

“Never Take Friendship Personal” - Anberlin from Never Take Friendship Personal

My token Anberlin pick, but this one is a great song. From their Sophomore album that didn't disappoint, this title track has great writing (always present with Stephen Christian), has great riffs from the guitars and brilliant all around play from my favorite band. I don't have to go into too much detail because, with Anberlin, I don't need to say much.

“Bleed American” - Jimmy Eat World from Bleed American (which was changed to simply Jimmy Eat World after 9/11)

This album is one of my “Top 5 Albums” and the opening and title track is BRILLIANT. I love the energy of the song, and it really captures the band's sound and writing style in one song. I think Jimmy Eat World kinda peaked with this album though, and the writing went downhill after this album, but this song is one of the best songs on this great album, and is definitely a “Top 5 Title Track.”

“Popularity” - Jonezetta from Popularity

The opening guitar riff of this song hooks you right in, and makes you want to dance your ass off. I love it, it was one of the songs I heard at their concert that made me buy the CD. The debut album of this Mississippi band is great, and the title track is just as good as the rest of the album. Robert Chisolm sounds brilliant as he sings “Popularity/do you think it's scary/everybody's dying with their own opinions/Popularity/it's a lot to carry/I'll wake up to you screamin'”

Mucho apologies to: “Finally Woken” by Jem, “Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots” by The Flaming Lips and “Youth” by Matisyahu