Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I needed a new post...

I really needed a new post on my blog. Work has kept me SO busy and tired I feel like I rarely have time to do things like blogging or keeping up to date with Facebook. I mean, trying to stick to the World Cup is time consuming enough, but man that is some good soccer. I just don't really know too much to say anything more though, except GO USA!!! (and GO NETHERLANDS!!!)

I am currently watching Michael Jackson's This Is It. It is weird to think that it's been almost a year since he passed away. While the guy had some majorly weird personal life issues, no one can deny the amazing talent he had as a musician, dancer and all-around creative person. His music videos, songs and performances really changed the music industry. I mean, he's gotta be top 5 influential artists of all-time, maybe even #1. I can't really think of anyone else even close. If you can think of anyone else even close I am open to the suggestions, but I doubt you will change my mind. I still think he's a creepy weirdo, especially with the multiple surgeries and such, but man was he talented.