Friday, February 5, 2010

What to do now?

I know that I got into the "Top 5" lists, but I think I am going to take a break from that today. I'm going to write just whatever comes to my head today. First, the Super Bowl. I don't know how or when I am going to get to watch it, as my schedule somehow changed from yesterday to today, making it a Sunday AFTERNOON shift rather than a Sunday MORNING shift. I am really upset, cuz I told my boss yesterday that I was glad I was working the morning so I could watch the Super Bowl. Sometimes I feel as though Franz doesn't care about me or anything cuz they never get schedules out with enough advance notice and they change it on you without telling you. If I hadn't heard from Ryan I was working the afternoon shift, I probably would've shown up at 2 or 3 AM on Sunday morning to find out I got switched to an afternoon shift. Thanks for letting me know.

Ok, back to the Super Bowl. I really want to root for the Saints. Their first Super Bowl (which doesn't bode well for them, as the last 2 first time appearing teams lost the Super Bowl - to the Steelers) and with Katrina and everything, it's a GREAT story. Drew Brees, after what the Chargers did to him after drafting Rivers; the storylines are ENDLESS. But on the other side of the field is Peyton Manning. What an amazing player he is. You can't say enough about how good he really is. No one works harder, studies more, and has more class than him. Plus, his commercials on TV are freakin' hilarious! He ranks up with Favre as one of my favorite football players of all time. I have more respect for Peyton than anyone else in the NFL. So who do I root for? The 'Aints, or Peyton? You know that the Colts are pretty much going to win or lose with Peyton. My heart says the Saints, with all the storylines. My brain says Peyton and the Colts. I gotta go with my brain, I say the Colts are going to win. I just hope that the Saints come out and play like the Cardinals game, and make Peyton play his best to beat them. I like the Colts with a 35-31 win, Peyton driving them down and hitting Pierre Garcon with the game winning TD with under 2 minutes left. I want to root for the Saints, and I think they have a legit chance, but I think I'll be cheering for Peyton. Maybe I'll root for the offenses, shootout, yeah. That's what I like, shootout with Peyton and Brees.

Look for blogs every week, as now we have internet I can blog more! :-) My next blog will appear after the Super Bowl, with my thoughts on the game (and the commercials too). Later...