Thursday, August 26, 2010


So, the NFL is looking at an 18 game season. I don't get it, cutting out 2 preseason games and adding 2 regular season games. I love the idea of more regular season games, don't get me wrong. I love football but HATE the preseason. The problem I have, the NFL is getting SO involved in injuries with the players, so let's add 2 more games where they HAVE to play and risk MORE concussions and other head injuries that affect the players in the long run, after their careers are finished. I mean, Aaron Curry got a concussion like, 3 weeks ago during training camp and the NFL is keeping a close eye on him to make sure he's ok. Might not let him play in some games if something happens. So now, let's make these teams count on these guys for 2 more games where their bodies will wear down, and they will be at more of a risk for major injuries. An 8 year career with this setup is adding an extra year of a 16 game regular season. I don't like that for the players. I love watching them year after year, and don't want their careers to end sooner. Also, I don't know how all the single-season records would translate. A 2,000 yard season would be a regular occurance. 5,000 yards passing wouldn't be all that impossible. Fantasy football numbers would go crazy. It seems too much to me, and I vote no. I say shorten preseason, keep the 16 games, and quit trying to change the best sport in the US right now. Nothing can touch football, with the insane fans, fantasy football, and just the week to week awesomeness that is football sunday.

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