Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Guess who's coming to dinner?

Sometimes when I'm really bored at work, I make up little games in my head to keep entertained. Today I was trying to figure out who I wanted to have at dinner if I could choose ANY 5 people in the world, not including friends and family. After realizing how hard that was going to be, I decided to split them up into groups, and do 4 different dinners. A sports dinner, a musician dinner, a "Hollywood" dinner and a dinner with Christian speakers/authors/pastors. The last one was probably the easiest, so I will post it now, and then as I fine tune the others, I will post them as well. Here goes my 5 person group I'd want to have dinner with:

Craig Groeschel - funny, great stories and super wise man...easily my first choice

Perry Noble - again, funny...very funny...and I just think he'd be super entertaining to hang out with

Donald Miller - love his stories, his sense of humor and would love to sit and talk with him for hours and talk about all aspects of life and God

Steven Furtick - so smart, young, and already has an amazingly large church that is growing like crazy...would love to hear how God has done so much so fast through him

Christine Caine - powerful speaker, doing great things for human justice and combatting human trafficking, also would have some amazing stories to tell

Seriously, who wouldn't want to sit at THAT table? That is my Christian speakers/authors/pastors group that I wish would happen. I can't even begin to describe how much I'd enjoy that dinner. Lots of laughing, lots of emotional stories that would just show God's power and control and plan. Oh man, if anyone could make this happen, I would love you for the rest of your life! No joke...these are amazing people that God is doing amazing things through...