Sunday, August 22, 2010


First of the many topics in this post; Inception.

Wow, what a GREAT movie. The more I reflect on the movie, the more I love it. The acting in it was superb, especially Ellen Page and Leo. Leo DiCaprio is one of the best actors I have seen in a long time, but he usually chooses strange movies that don't show off the amazing talent he has. Ellen Page is great too, and they both shined in this movie. Joseph Gordon-Levitt was great too, as well as Marion Cotillard, wow the acting was great. The writing and story was so complex and so well done I can't even tell you how impressed I was. The concept of the movie was so well developed and was so unique that I was hanging on every scene. I was so lost and confused for most of the movie, but instead of being frustrated, I got more interested and intrigued. The visuals of the movie were so great, and all of the effects were perfectly executed. It was such a creative movie and the visuals helped the movie instead of hurting the movie. The dream sequences were exactly what a dream felt like, and I can't say enough for the genius of Christopher Nolan. I think that any movie he is a part of is now a must see. The ending of the movie was so fitting of the movie, but in the effort to not give anything away, I can honestly say this was my favorite movie I have seen this year, and I can't wait to own it and show everyone the genius that is Inception.

Second part of this post is a reaction to my last post.

I know that politics is a touchy subject, and I know that I don't know too much to be saying stuff about it. The point of Hitler was brought up to me, and my reaction to that is this. I don't know why Hitler was allowed by God to be in office, but there is a reason. We will never understand what and why God does things, and we just have to trust that God is in control. I understand how people could think this is a naive to look at things, but I think it's more of a mature thing to trust God's soveriegn power. Freaking out and being anxious about the future of our country is not trusting God's soveriengn power and not believing he is in control.

Third part; God's love.

Sometimes I forget how much God loves me. I know that He loves me, but I don't think we will ever grasp the full nature and depths of His love. I know that I tend to not realize His love is so amazing, becuase if I did I wouldn't be able to contain myself. I would tell anyone I saw or came across about it. Last night, the sermon at church there was the statement: As a Christian, we will never be able to understand everything. I truly believe that, and I just can't believe we have such an amazing and complex God.

Sorry for the random and long post (all 3 people that read this). Now to enjoy my day off, and I really need some food...


  1. Cool thoughts. It's fun to read what others are thinking about and wrestling with.

    I'll have to see inception soon!

  2. yes jesse you definitely have to see it! it was crazy!