Monday, August 9, 2010


Right now Darrelle Revis is holding out from training camp and is refusing to play football for $1 million. I know that he's probably a top 5 cornerback in the league and arguably their best player and should be making more than $1 million, but dude they're paying you CRAZY amounts of money to PLAY FOOTBALL! He's under a contract that HE SIGNED saying he would play football for that amount of money. Imagine if you could do that with your job. You know Franz, I am the best bread man you have, so I want you to make my salary 10 times what it is now (or I'm not showing up for work tomorrow). I would be SO fired. That's basically what he's saying. I don't understand how you can sign a contract, and in the middle of it just up and say; I don't like it anymore and won't play for you until you pay me more money. I do think he should be paid more than $1 million this year, but the fact he can just not show up and not play even though he's under contract is ridiculous. This is how he holds the cards though, why would they negotiate more pay for him if he was there? What if they give him more money and he has a crappy season? Can they get some of the money back? Nope. He could get all this money, then crap out on the season and still collect his money. Welcome to the NFL and contract negotiation. This is why I would rather be in the front office of a MLB organization than a NFL one.


  1. First off, I totally agree. However... I was listening to Mike & Mike on ESPN Radio this morning and Golic was gone so they had Mark Schlarath (sp?) sitting in. He made the point that in year three of the contract (which Revis is in) that if you're not playing up to your contract then management will come down and say "hey, we need to restructure this deal," so since Revis is playing WAY over his contract what's wrong with him saying "pay me for what I've done."

    As for top 5 in the league, I'm not with you there... He's the best corner in the NFL. I'm going to go ahead and toss in my lot with Champ Bailey, corner of the decade, when he said that Revis is the best corner in the league, head and shoulders above everyone...

  2. I don't like to really go and say anyone is "the best" anything, which is why I say top 5. And I don't disagree with him wanting more money per se, I just don't find it fair that he can not play even though he's under a contract he signed. I know he should be paid more, I just find it ridiculous he can not show up to his job that he said he would when he signed. That's the point I was going for.