Sunday, August 15, 2010

A Non-Sports post...

I know right? It's about time! I just felt like I needed to write about something other than sports...or How I Met Your Mother. So I'm going to write about another TV show. Just kidding! A couple of months ago, I started a post about politics, and I never finished it. I just wrote about how I feel that complaining about who is in office is really not trusting that God is in control. I'm not calling anyone out, because I know that I have done this numerous times, but just think about it. God puts these people in positions of power for a reason. He is in control, and if I start to doubt these people, I am doubting God's plan. Maybe that's a little over exaggerated to state my point, but I don't think it is. God is sovereign over everything, and to doubt anything that He does is wrong. He has put these people in place for a reason, and His plan is ALWAYS right. Maybe these leaders weren't who we had in mind, but God wanted them there and we can't argue with that. We just have to trust that God is the one controlling everything. So please, all of the "Obama is the Anti-Christ" chain emails can stop. He is our President, and even if you didn't vote for him, he deserves respect as our leader. Cutting him down and being disrespectful to who he is doesn't change the face he's our President. It's also not Christian-like to talk bad about him. If you don't agree with his policies, that's fine, but to talk bad about his character is not a loving, merciful character that God calls us to.

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  1. You're right, he's there for a reason. However, couldn't that reason be to stir up unrest in order to get people moving in a different direction?

    Was Saul there to get steamrolled by the Philistines? No, he was there to create a situation in which David, God's chosen king, could rise up.