Thursday, March 4, 2010

what a day

So today I found out I got the promotion to RSR for Franz. It's been a very exciting last 5 hours. It's a BIG pay raise, only 1 job (with 2 days off a week!!) and REALLY good benefits with a union backing. Now, my wife is asleep (she's getting up at 5 AM tomorrow for work) and I'm watching High Fidelity. This movie is awesome. John Cusack is brilliant, and I love the supporting cast of Jack Black, Joan Cusack and Ted Louiso. Great cast of characters, brilliantly acted, and beautifully written. I like that it's based off of a Desert Island Top 5 plot set up. Some of my favorite lines are, "Some people never got over 'Nam, or the night their band opened for Nirvana...I never got over Charlie." "Is that Peter ****ing Frampton?" I don't know why this movie is so good, and that I like it so much, but I think it struck a chord with me in college. I was a lot like Rob, really into music, and terrible with girls. That and I also got into the mindset that I was doomed to be age 19 or so...seriously...I was a little ridiculous I know, but I had that fear. Now that I'm married, I look back on those days and it makes me laugh. But I still have a connection to this movie still. I love the music references, the chemistry with the record store gang, and the fact that it does end up happy but not in the sappy predictable Hollywood way. Watch it please, it's well worth the 2 or so hours...but it's rated R (language and sexual content/language) so if you are against R-rated movies then it's ok if you don't watch it :-) Ok, I think that this blog post has really accomplished nothing but for me to do something while watching this amazing cinematic masterpiece. Ooooh, I'm gonna do a Top 5 next week using a topic they have in this movie...side 1 track 1 of records...except I'll just do track 1's from albums...should be TOUGH!!!

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