Sunday, March 7, 2010

academy awards

I haven't really had the time to review the Oscar Nominated movies, but I thought I'd put out my predictions anyways. Just for fun, but only the bigger categories, not the Foreign Film ones and stuff because I have to leave soon for work. No explanations either because I don't really know why I'm guessing this way either...Here we go...

Best Picture: The Hurt Locker
Best Director: James Cameron (Avatar)
Best Actor: Colin Firth (A Single Man)
Best Actress: Meryl Streep (Julie and Julia)
Best Supporting Actor: Christoph Waltz (Inglorious Basterds)
Best Supporting Actress: Penelope Cruz (Nine)
Best Cinemetography: Avatar
Best Animated Feature: Up

That's it. It's too hard to pick from there, although I bet Avatar gets lots of awards for visual stuff because I heard it's amazing. Anyways, off to work. Good bye to all my many (2) readers...

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