Sunday, July 18, 2010

LeBron James...the post...

I know it’s like, a week and a half late, but I wanted to put my thoughts on LeBron James down on my blog. Here goes:

1. I don’t blame LeBron for going to Miami. He gets to play with his friends, he gets to play on a team with legitimate chances at a championship, and he gets to hang out in Miami. Nothing wrong with the choice. There’s no reason to get mad at him for going to Miami.

2. I will never root for him again. Calling an hour long special on ESPN to break Cleveland’s heart with NO warning? Seriously, that’s the worst way to show how much of an ego you have. A simple 5 minute press conference, and I probably wouldn’t hate LeBron right now. He used to be my favorite player, and I used to LOVE watching him play because he’s so talented. But I can’t root for him after last week’s ego-filled ESPN show. Also, for someone that claims to be “loyal” I really can’t believe he left Cleveland title-less. I was really shocked…

3. I think this officially ends the debate of Jordan, Kobe or LeBron as the greatest player in my lifetime. I know for a fact that Jordan and Kobe would NEVER do what LeBron did. They would never have to switch teams to play with the likes of Wade and Bosh to win a Championship. Yes, Jordan had Pippen and Kobe had Shaq and Gasol (at different times), but they never would’ve gone to another superstar’s team to play to win a championship. They never would switch to a team and say that they won’t “feel pressure to score 30 points a night.” Real superstars WANT to score 30 a night and WANT that pressure. Real superstars want to be the number one guy on the team and want to carry the load. And they don’t play second fiddle to another superstar. If he had joined Bosh somewhere, or even Amar’e in New York, that would’ve been like the Kobe/Gasol pairing, and would’ve been understandable. Yes he didn’t have an amazing surrounding cast around him in Cleveland, but a really good player would make those not-so-good players BETTER!

4. Nothing against Miami, and nothing against the Heat (congrats to them for having Wade talk Bosh and LeBron into going there), but I will root against them harder than any other team in the league. I will even root for the Lakers over them! I will root against LeBron for the rest of his career. I hope their little group’s egos get in the way and they fight over stats and everything until one of them asks for a trade. I really hope something like that happens and they don’t win a championship. I honestly can’t believe that the Lakers are getting replaced as my most hated NBA team, and Kobe is getting replaced as my most hated NBA player. I actually gained respect for Kobe with LeBron’s decision…crazy…

Those are my thoughts, and I don’t dislike LeBron for wanting to play with his friends. I don’t dislike him for wanting to win a title. I dislike him for his ego, and because I thought he was something more. I thought he was something special that was going to do amazing basketball things for years to come. Now I don’t care anymore, and I hope he doesn’t win anything. Thanks for reading…

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    Down with Lebron!


    But, seriously, I am quite pleased the Lakers are no longer the MOST hated of your teams...because they are pretty stupendously amazingly cool!